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In Focus

Dr. Juan Sanz, SISSAF "Support Programme for Infrastructure Sector Strategies and Alternative Financing" Team Leader 

The EU-funded project SISSAF represents an ambitious effort to tackle critical aspects in Lebanon directly linked to the economic and social stability of this geographic area. A well-functioning infrastructure in critical sectors like Energy, Transport and Water is a basic pre-condition for sustainable growth. In this context, SISSAF provides technical assistance and training support to two line Ministries (Ministry of Energy and Water and Ministry of Public Works and Transport) and other central and local institutions involved in the management of infrastructure projects in the Energy, Water and Land Transport Sectors.

SISSAF has two main streams of activities

  1.  The establishment of mechanisms for development and implementation of national policies complementing national and international resources. Here we assist the two Ministries in the process of development of: 1. Strategic documents 2. Mid-term Expenditure Framework 3. Donors Coordination 3. Set of indicators to monitor the achievement of the strategic targets (Policy – Resources – Implementation - Assessment).
  2. Assistance in the implementation of strategically important projects in the three Sectors.

In the following, we will focus on the Energy Sector.

In Lebanon, the Energy Sector is characterized by a deficit through insufficient and outdated infrastructures for power production, transmission and distribution. This energy deficit is one of the major inhibitors of socio-economic growth.

The Policy Paper for the Electricity Sector for 2010-2015 approved by the Council of Ministers is the main policy document. It provides a clear plan of action for solving the main problems in the sector.

The Ministry of Energy & Water considers the implementation of the measures in the policy document as the ultimate priority in regards to addressing the problems in the sector.

Support of Donor’s Coordination

As the Energy Sector National Policy Paper approved by the Council of Ministers is in place, the activities of SISSAF in the Energy Sector focused on support for establishing a donors’ coordination framework. In this regard, the SISSAF Energy Team streamlined the Donor’s Coordination in Beirut Energy Forum 2014 and the first energy sector donor’s meeting held at the Ministry premises in September 2015. 

Support of the development of Lebanese Green Building Standards and Code

The adoption and implementation of working groups approach for various tasks which require decision making by different institutions, the close cooperation of relevant authorities and stakeholders led to the establishment of the Green Building Code Coordination Group including the main key stakeholders in the “green field”. SISSAF put effort in creating a sustainable foundation in Governmental institutions for the development of Lebanese Green Building Standards and Code: Within the Lebanese Standards Institution LIBNOR the Technical Committee TC 205 “Building Environment Design“. This committee will be in charge of the Lebanese Green Standards development.

Support of the implementation of the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action Plans NEEAP & NREAP

SISSAF supports the strategy on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy adopted by the Ministry of Energy and Water in the policy documents for reducing the energy consumption and gas emissions participating in the development and implementation of the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action Plans NEEAP & NREAP.

Establishment of a National Database Mechanism for the Lebanese Energy Sector

SISSAF is currently in the phase of establishing and designing with concerned national stakeholders a database mechanism for the Lebanese Energy Sector with the aim to facilitate and systematize the collection, monitoring and updating of Energy Sector data.

Support of priority projects

To secure the implementation of the identified priority projects within the policy documents, SISSAF provides technical and legal support for the execution of the new power plants in Deir Aamar, Zouk and Jieh. Several Legal studies have been delivered to the Ministry of Energy & Water including studies concerning the IPP and PPP legal implementation mechanism.

Energy Sector Awareness Campaign

SISSAF prepared and launched an awareness campaign “Save Energy Lebanon!” (http://save-energy-lebanon.com/en/home ). The campaign consisted of TV commercials, radio spots, a website, social media network and a drawing competition with “Fabriano Concours de dessin”. The purpose of the campaign is to awake the consciousness of the importance of energy saving and of using renewable energy, to switch from getting most of the energy from burning fossil fuels to cleaner and natural renewable sources of energy.

We are confident that through all activities above mentioned, SISSAF is contributing in a sustainable way to the improvement of the Lebanese Energy Sector.

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Latest Developments


The COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference,  for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aimed to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, while keeping global warming below 2°C. Know more about the agreed outcome with legal force under the Convention applicable to all Parties. Read more


SISSAF prepared and launched an Energy Awareness Campaign “Save Energy Lebanon”. The campaign consisted of TV commercials, Radio Spots, a website, social media network and a drawing competition with Fabriano Concours de dessin. The SEL campaign was active from beginning of September until mid of August 2015. The purpose of the SEL Awareness Campaign is to awake our consciousness of the importance of saving Energy and using Renewable Energy, to switch from getting most of our energy from burning fossil fuels to getting most of your energy from the clean and natural renewable sources of Energy. 

The Save Energy Lebanon (SEL) Awareness Campaign consisted of:

1)      2 TV Commercials and 2 Radio spots for raising awareness to electricity consumption

  •   Switch off

  •   Generate Energy on the Roof

2)      Website for the SEL campaign that include the following sections:


  •   Tips and Hints on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency

  •   Renewable Energy Definition and resources

  •   Kids’ Corner that includes tips for kids, and some activity books.

  •   Media Corner that include the SEL TV commercials

  •   Directory for existing other projects working in the Energy Sector. (CEDRO, LCEC, CES-MED…)

3)      Drawing Competition with Fabriano Concours de dessin. 500 schools all over Lebanon are participating in drawing something related to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The competition started in November 9th, 2015 and drawings has to be delivered before May 30th, 2016. Scholarships and other prizes will be distributed to winners. (www.save-energy-lebanon.com)

4)      Social Media Network:

Facebook: Save Energy Lebanon

Instagram: @Save_Energy_Lebanon

Twitter: @Save_Energy_LEB

Youtube: Save_Energy_Lebanon

Reports and Publications


Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar Water Heaters. Read more

Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar Wind Turbines. Read more

Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Guideline for Policy Makers. Read more

Jobs, Tenders and Funding Opportunities

Relief International

Relief International is currently looking to hire a WASH consultant. Deadline: 17 December 2015. More information



The UNDP is looking to hire a legal expert for a short term consultancy for the preparation of a legislative framework study for the transport and energy sectors in Lebanon. Deadline: 28 December 2015. More information



The organization is looking to hire an advisor for climate protection through renewable energy and energy efficiency in industry. Deadline: 30 December 2015. More information


Scholarships for University Graduates at College of Europe in Belgium

The college of Europe is offering scholarship positions for postgraduate studies in European Interdisciplinary Studies, EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, European Political and Administrative Studies, European Economic Studies and European Legal Studies. Deadline: 20 January 2016. More information


American Red Cross Internship for summer 2016 Session in USA

The American Red Cross is offering approximately 85 internship positions in almost every Red Cross line of business. More information 

Events and Conferences

Annual Electric Energy Storage, San Diego, 13 – 14 January 2016

The Marcus Evans is organizing a conference on electric energy storage that will cover areas like reduce capital costs of generation, transmission and distribution systems through installation of energy storage systems. More information


ECOWASTE, Abu Dhabi, 18 - 21 January 2016

A 4 day event showcasing industrial products, business services and environmental and waste management industries. More information


Annual Handelsbatt Conference Renewable Energy, Berlin, 19-21 January 2016

The Handelsbatt organized the conference that will cover areas like the integration of renewable energy system transformation means, energy Schengen conditions for a current market without borders, status and outlook for the global development of renewable energy.  More information


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