24 March 2014


National Studies

In collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Water, the UNDP-CEDRO project has launched a Geothermal Resource Assessment for Lebanon. The assessment was completed through data collection (geological, hydrological, structural and thermal) from available sources in Lebanon, in addition to sample measurements for temperature and thermal conductivity from different regions in Lebanon which have allowed the reproduction of a national 3D geological and geothermal model.

The present publication established a Geothermal Atlas for the country identifying two prospective areas: Akkar and the Bekaa valley. This study has identified a gross geothermal resource of 1.0 x 109GWh which is around 7,000 times the yearly energy demand of Lebanon. Using the present technologies, a preliminary exploratory project could be implemented with a 1.3 MWel capacity.

This study recommends the initiation of an exploration program dedicated to geothermal energy as Lebanon lacks the exploration normally specific for the Oil and Gas sector – which usually reaches higher depths -  that could have provided more accurate data. The exploration will require the drilling of a geothermal well, doable with the available technologies, and would require an investment of around US $ 5 million. 


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