26 November 2020


National Studies

This report builds on the existing and prior reports written up within and in cooperation with UNDP-Lebanon and in the context of the Lebanese market and social-cultural environment, (2014, 2016, 2018) and with the objective to increase the dissemination of Renewable Energy technologies across Lebanon and to a further extent in the Middle East region. This report also builds on the technical developments in the Blockchain space and specifically Blockchain-energy applications and is a non-exhaustive review of existing applications in the energy sector. It covers inter alia incentives, P2P energy trading, Microgrid applications and how to deploying these in the context of Lebanon. The intent is to theoretically validate the currently existing and deployed applications in the Blockchain energy space and which would be of use in the context of the Lebanese energy market and to a further extent allowing for rapid upscaling of renewables in Lebanon and the region. It should serve as a guide for policy and regulation to Governments interested in the deployment of such technologies in the region.


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