12 October 2012


National Studies

A Techno-EconomicAssessment for Concentrated Solar Power for Lebanon has been published by the UNDP CEDRO project, implemented by an external consultant. The project opted for this techno – economic assessment given that other institutions are looking into the potential of this technology in the Arab world, an international expert on CSP was assigned to re-assess the potential in light of the technological progress achieved in this field during the last decade. The importance of this assessment emanates from a previous report by ESCWA (UN) indicating that Lebanon has negligible potential in CSP due to the land, water, and low cloud cover, requirements for CSP. A review of the solar resource and analysis for CSP potentials was undertaken, coupled with state of the art of CSP technologies and their respective technical viability in Lebanon. Decision criteria were proposed for CSP planning and the possible limitations such as environmentally restricted areas, electrical stability to the main grid, terrain area limitations. The report suggested solutions that could feed into the identification of potential sites for CSP development and the recommendation of reference policies for CSP development.  The report concludes that thermal heat storage is the most appropriate solution for Lebanon as it benefits from low levelized costs of electricity and high capacity factors and features equal advantages for all available technologies.


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